LightUp Lives

LightUp Lives is an NGO formed to support sustainable livelihood development across India. Our aim is to enable individuals and communities in rural / urban areas in India, whose income generation is affected due to various situational reasons. Sustainable livelihood is a critical problem in entire world except the developed countries. Countries like India or other developing countries is in need of sustainable livelihood programs to eliminate the poverty of the larger population and elevate them by providing with income generating aspects. Livelihood means one’s ability to generate sufficient income for their living. We can observe plenty of livelihood means available in the marketplace today but they are neither permanent nor stable. Sustainable Livelihood is a program, which supports the beneficiary for a longer period of time and beneficiary truly can then earn stable income and his living.

Countries like India is still has considerable amount of rural and urban population seeking stable living opportunities in their lives. There are two major parts divided into rural and urban where the need of sustainable livelihood exists.


Our aim is to make them capable of earning for their living whether they are from rural or urban. Though the circumstances are different and so the framework.


Empower lives by setting up disruptive, sustainable livelihood enterprises for the neediest communities by supporting India’s mission for 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'.


Our target is to achieve our vision through the innovative technology developed from top talents within India, effective framework based on years of field experience and supporting with appropriate financial schemes from government, non banking sources that enables the entire ecosystem of livelihood benefitting the needy individuals and community in Rural / Urban areas.


Our Philosophy

  • LightUp Lives believes in bringing root level change in needy person by making them self sufficient to earn for their living and developing them with a mindset of disruption for sustainable growth.
  • Our framework, engagement structures, inclusion of education and financial institutions, nurtures a realistic value chain that promises the change.
  • Value chain of sustainable livelihood based on disruptive mindset.

Our Supporters